The Sayspire Collection, an inspirational website of quotations, quotes, sayings, messages, poems and motivational stories about love and life.

What Does Sayspire Mean?

The word Sayspire is a union of the words “sayings” and “inspiration.”  Through sayings/quotes/messages, the aim of this site is to inspire.

Who We Are?

The Sayspire Collection is the vision of one man, inspired by the birth of his children.  Overwhelmed with emotions he never felt, some pain filled from his own childhood, most at the thought of becoming a dad, he took to the computer and began to write.

At first, he wrote about the struggle he and his then wife went through to have his children.  With no formal education in writing, he penned his first manuscript, and sent it to a Random House editor.  Weeks later, his gmail inbox lit up with a response from the editor; seven pages of raw, brutal honesty about his writing.

Dejected. Appalled. He stopped writing.

A year later, with renewed confidence and purpose, and the feedback from the editor still fresh on his mind, he began writing poetry, sayings, quotes and motivational stories, hoping to inspire himself and anyone who sought it.

Years later, several websites later, this website and the book(s) published are his dream come alive.  His vision he created long ago, creating value in the lives of others so they may attain their dreams, now in full force.

The Purpose of Saypsire

Life is full of surprises. Some days you’re riding high, other days it may seem like nothing is going your way.   The content here on Sayspire is meant to comfort, guide, inspire, motivate and put you back on track.

The mind and heart are complex biological parts of the human body, and though they’re complex, they contain super hero power. It is our hope the quotes, saying, messages, poems and stories on Sayspire can help unlock that power within you.