An Inspirational Quote about Bad Bosses

In our lifetime, we will encounter a bad boss, someone who is unfair and outright mean.  This inspirational quote about Bad Bosses speaks to why some bosses are like that.


In a canoe of arrogance on stormy seas of low self-esteem are they who wave their position and power like a flag blowing in the wind.

Joshua Cintron


You Are Valuable, Remember That

When you encounter a bad boss and they come at you with ferocity, forcing you to do what they say, the workplace becomes toxic.  You become unhappy.

How do you deal with a situation like this?

Unfortunately, if you want to get paid, you have to put up with the office politics – for a time.  I say for a time because you have control of your life to change your situation.

You shouldn’t put up with crap from anyone, especially your boss.  I know it may be difficult to speak up about how you feel; as if speaking to your bosses’ boss is going to cause problems in the organization. But you wont. Listen, no one is going to speak up for you, take the bullets for you.  Everyone else is too worried about preserving themselves and their position in the organization.

You may see the decline of your organization happening before your eyes; good employees leaving for other places or singled out because they use their brain. But understand,  loyalty on the part of you or the organization is nearly non existent these days.

Your health is more important than any job or money.  So, if you feel trapped, don’t! Decide to want differently, and make it happen. Put together a plan of action.  Set a date when you want to be out of the place bringing you down.

Remember, the opinion of one person does not shape the entirety of who you are as a person – you do.


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