Motivational Writing: Can We Define Love Using Logic and Reason?

A motivational story about love and logic. As a man, it is difficult to separate love from logic. And as a result, it may appear as though I am insensitive. If that is you, you're not alone.Sometimes the way life as you see it is not how it will unfold. Sometimes a force greater than reality is at work, to which logic cannot define love.

Fate? Destiny? Chance? Coincidence? No one knows. Science may look at how people to define love, but that is futile thinking. Because reason and logic are bystanders when love so great, so out of this world is found.

Turn from worldly perception, peer pressure, and clichés society is fed about love, and hold steady to the definition of love if you still search for it.

Life has no manual. Matters dealing with feeling have no clock, no compass, no reason for being, they just happen.

So to those who understand a force greater than themselves exists, aligning will’s of man and woman, embrace the moment when someone appears before your eyes as the holder of your soul.

You are chosen. You are absolved of wrongs you may feel holding you back from ideas you believe thwart relational success. If like me, entrenched in logic, analytical by nature, finding cause for why things happen, rid these as none can be used to define love.

Only an experience in love can you feel its power, for it is a wondrous drug released by sheer openness, truth, and surrender. It is electric current, immense energy, a feeling poets convey in words and hopeless romantics dream.

To know in minutes a person exists in the same fiber as oneself, is a feat, a discovery unto mankind similar to a discovery of ancient jewels buried centuries ago. Shock. Awe. Disbelief.

It is a moment etched in history on the scrolls of museums and in the hearts and minds of men and women who discovered such rare beauty.

I was one who discovered such rare beauty. She embodies what cannot be explained in words because her value is beyond definitions known to mankind.

May the realism of her presence in my life, spawn beyond the eyes staring back, and into the place all long to share with another, in the soul.