I Found My Soulmate Poem: Who Do I Have to Thank?

I found my soulmate poem:  when you find someone who exceeds your every thought about what they should be, there is only one word you can use to describe them, soulmate.

By Joshua Cintron

I am in love with you—a deep, romantic
love that makes me feel special.

I try to understand why it is or how it
is so for me to love so deeply, despite
my overwhelming failures in the category of

romantic love. Who do I have to thank—
to get on my knees and worship for
allowing me,

a dense, often, ill fated ball of logic to love
someone of magnificent beauty—beauty
that artists such as myself, try to convey

with poetic words, wooden brushes,
blank canvases?

I am truly, humbly indebted to the force
bringing us together as friends, lovers—

mates of one soul.

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