A Great Calling Upon Your Life

A Sympathy Poem for the Loss of a Son
© Joshua Cintron

My son, a great calling was placed on
the crown of your head.

Your birth—your journey through life—
touched and moved hearts a plenty.
Your infectious laugh, laid-back demeanor,
joyous presence;

all given and welcomed with open hearts.

You are not gone; no! You are alive in the
silent force that moves us all. You
live in the memories adorned on the
walls of hearts and souls you infectiously

Go and rest for you feel pain
no more. You are with your creator now,

resting in their gentle hands.

Continue to touch our lives, guiding us now as our
guardian angel.

Rest in peace my son.

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A Note from the Poet

It is sadness like no other to lose a son.  No one can say or do anything to mend the hole in your heart.  No one knows how you feel. It is our hope this sympathy poem can honor your son’s legacy.

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