The Barrier of Reading, An Inspirational Life Quote

Read to fuel your mind, to reenergize you. But, don’t let it become the safety net from which you hide behind,
preventing you from going after your dreams.

—Joshua Cintrón

How to interpret this inspirational life quote?

There’s no denying, reading is the gateway to riches of knowledge, understanding and material wealth.  Who doesn’t enjoy a mind twisting plot with an explosive ending? Or, nuggets of gold from successful people?

The quote above doesn’t knock reading, rather, it sheds light on the act of doing. You can accumulate knowledge for many, many years, hoping  to find the right time to put in action your goals.

But, wait too long and before you know it, years will pass on by.  Therefore, don’t keep reading, hoping things will change. Get out from behind the book, grab the knowledge acquired and get to work.

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