Motivational Writing:The Meaning of Love, Finding it When You Least Expect It

Motivational writing about finding love. It eludes many people, but if you find it, share the beauty of it with others. Give them hope it exists.From time to time, a person will appear in your life who will provide a meaning of love. It is up to you to remove scars of past relational failures to embrace the beauty of such person and the definition of love they bring.

Five minutes..the time it took to fall in love with her. Five minutes…the time it took to wipe away past failures and present feelings of inadequacy. Five minutes. learn she was a bright star exploding into a new planet for me to inhabit.

Before I was gifted by forces greater than this woman, happiness lived in the faces of my precious children. Joy rested in their gaze and the definition of love existed only in the mention of their angelic names.

In solitude I lived, tumbling into vices with no reward, only temporary gratification. Death should have greeted me or maybe, death is what I wanted.

And then one day, one night on the roof of a building in the most well-known cities in the world, my eyes met hers.

In a gaze, she embodied the meaning of love, flipping my world right side up. She was a gem, a jewel, a treasure hidden from the world who did not know her immense worth. And her eyes were mine to hold.

There are times man and woman share thoughts and grand plans in whispers. And there are other times when the meaning of love is found, that man and woman must share with others that true love is not a fairytale.

Love, in its perfect time and destined place, will present a person to complete the puzzle that is life. Lily is more than a puzzle piece, she is the puzzle and I am the piece that was found.

She stormed into my heart showing me something beautiful, so beautiful that holding back from hopeless romantics who quietly wait for what I hold, the meaning of love, is dishonor I cannot live with.

Let it be known from the social rooftops my love for her – a love so pure, so magnificent, so true.

To my love, may you find refuge in these words I profess unto hopeless romantics near and far, I love you.