The Motivational Story of the Missing Cup Handle

A motivational story about the incompleteness of humanity and us. We are all created different. Some of us are born with talent, others will intelligence in other things. Still, we are beautiful and creative and talented.Each day, I grab a blue coffee cup that no longer has a handle and I walk over to the kitchen. Once there, I fill it with water and pour it into the coffee pot. Several minutes later, piping hot coffee fills my cup.

I delicately pick up the cup from the sides and stroll back to my office. As I pass by peers in the hallways, several of them can’t help but ask, “Hey, why don’t you buy a new coffee cup?” I reply, “I’m good. I can leave this cup anywhere and no one will steal it. Haha.” The usual response will a chuckle and raised eyebrows.

I walk around with this cup, missing as some would say, the most important part that makes it a cup, the handle, to prove a point. Regardless of the missing handle, it is still a cup. Yes, my fingers burn from the hot coffee if I hold it wrong, reminding me that I cannot hold it the same way I would hold a normal cup.

The moral of the story…

You may be a cup missing its handle, thinking you’re incomplete. You may be singled out and discarded because you don’t look like, talk or even think like other people.

Like that cup missing its handle, you are uniquedifferentone-of-a-kind. Embrace the fact you are not like millions of look-a-like people. Embrace the difference that makes you beautiful, because that build up confidence needed when others try to knock you down.

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