When I Learned to Accept Being Different

A being different quote:  when you’re younger, you want to fit in. But as you age, your experiences and knowledge teach you that the world turns by difference makers.

When I learned “difference” was good, I was set in my ways like concrete on a sidewalk.  Fortunately, the jack hammer of knowledge, critical thought and appreciation for uniqueness, cracked the foundation of old, allowing me to build the true, solid picture of me.

—Joshua Cintrón


A note from the author of this quote 

We often associate being “different” as a bad thing.  What, not fitting into the mold of other people’s perception makes you out to be bad or unwelcomed?

So be it.

Be authentic.  Be original.  Be someone no one else is and embrace it.  There is no greater joy than being who you are, where people accept as you are.

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