You Were Right All Along

A happy Father’s Day poem

You talked. I listened… well, sort of. I know you meant well but I didn’t give you the time of day

or acknowledge your years of experience as a gold mine of wisdom at my fingertips. I was young, dumb, prideful and arrogant which

became a false footing in my life. Through it all, you didn’t say much to deter me from my

rash, immature thinking that led to so many decisions I regret now as an adult. I wish I

would have listened to you, let you be the father you knew how to be but couldn’t because I didn’t allow

you.  Funny how life is an amusement park of rides, affording us

opportunities to accept and admit our wrongs, allowing us to grow in a direction of abundance. So dad,

on this father’s day, I want to tell you that you were right all those years,

and because of you, in the deep recesses of my brain, I hear your voice loud and clear.

Thank you for being the dad you knew I needed you to be.

Happy Father’s Day.

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